The Dream Log

The dream log of Ean Dacay / http://eanissleepy.tumblr.
Created this for two reasons:
1. To log my peculiar dreams somewhere
2. It connects the theme of "sleep" with my original Tumblr,

It’s been awhile since I’ve last posted a dream log.. but I just have to post this one. The other dreams.. kinda just forgot to log them because either I was lazy .. or busy. This is gonna be a long post because I can remember some details of it. Sorry for my poor writing skills; I don’t really like to write.

Today, I dreamt that…

There were rumors where it was gonna be the end of the world “Rapture”-style tomorrow.

The next day came.

It was early evening. People were outside looking above and I could hear them saying “look at the moon!!” with panicked faces. So I looked up. It was so weird: the moon was flickering. My heart raced because it was going to happen. Suddenly, yellow aurora borealis appeared along the sky. A pretty sight but we all feared it, thinking of it as a bad sign of what’s about to come next.

We were all lifted from the ground instantly. Floating, we all looked at each other thinking that we were all going to be taken already. I grabbed onto Roch and Marco (both my high school classmates) and together we were pulled to the sky. Other people were getting “abducted” too. I saw many far below me too, about to be “abducted.”

But I saw one of my teachers (T. Dang) who remained calm. Then I inspected around once again. Whilst floating, there were people moving left and right. No way. What if we could fly now? An evolution. So the 3 of us attempted it: WE COULD FLY. Felt like Superman. With this new ability, we flew around, still feeling weird about this ‘reality.’ Some people were still gravitating upwards, they later found out they could fly too. I saw a few people shooting out fireballs, lightning bolts, running with superspeed. It felt so unreal but it was real (in the dream anyways).

We circled around this hill, testing out and enjoying our new power. The sky was still a bit dark and the surroundings looked more vibrant in color. Suddenly, something went down violently to the hill. It was…. GREEN GOBLIN. With his mask off, he was telling the people around that every once in a while, a villain would enter the scene, much like the  D.C. Universe. “Oh maaan, this is so cool and unusual,” I thought. The Green Goblin went on, “not all of you can defeat me right now, so you all have to train. Some already have more powers.” He named a list of people who could defeat him right then, “… Captain America, Captain America’s wife, Captain America’s son.” I don’t know why, but I was Captain America’s son. Haha. I could see also the Green Lanterns were leading a large group of people and showing off their fighting skills. Then we gathered, the carriers of the names that he mentioned and we had a round of introduction.

I was in this room full of machines with my friends and a woman dressed in a military outfit was there. She said “this is the new system now.” So it was like a mix of D.C. Universe and the real world. I questioned her ethically what would have happened if no one knew that they could fly and people would continuously get pulled upwards. “Would they die?” This was a risk in starting up the new system, I thought. I honestly forgot what she answered. I think she just shrugged, haha.

Then, a little girl came in the room—- but I don’t really remember what she did. We had a mission, I think it was to dismantle something. We brought the little girl with us to the location, which was a building, that resembled my high school. We had to go to the top floor, housed by the Fire School (think of it like the four schools of Hogwarts, except now it’s a bunch of natural elements instead). There was a reminder sent to us holographically advising us to change our settings, by tapping the neck, to “Water” which adjusts our bodies with a Water affinity. We did this because we were treading in the Fire School.

We were then prepared. As soon as we reached at the top of the stairs we climbed, Marc (another high school classmate) shot us with a fireball (he belonged to the School of Fire) but we managed to dodge the bullet. We countered with water bullets but he also dodged them. We rushed through the location for the completion of the mission. 

While one of us tried to disarm a bomb (? I forgot), other Fire students tried to stop us. More exhibitions much like Avatar the Last Airbender style transpired.

Unfortunately, at this point, I woke up to get ready for school. :(

I can’t really write well enough to make a reader see and feel what I felt in the dream. I just want to log it so that I could just remember it again. It was much better experiencing it in the dream rather than writing it here. End of long log.

Today I dreamt that…

I was back in CIE (my high school) having classes, even though we were 20 years old. In the dream, there was a said-to-be haunted area in the school but no one hasn’t seen any ghosts. When I went down there, I saw a woman’s body. I thought it was a dead body, but the body just stood up and it was a student—-not bloody, not scary. Seemed like she just lied down. Anyway. Suddenly, in the haunted area, blood particles & strings seeped out my skin (much like Deadman Wonderland style wooo) and it hurt for awhile. THAT WAS SO COOL. Felt like I controlled it for awhile. Then I went back upstairs, tried to show my classmates (I remember Lisa’s face there) and my teacher… it turned into a dried up red splatter. :( It was pretty cool. Nothing scary at all. Now I want to do a photomanipulation of this.

Today I dreamt that…

My friend’s girl cheated on him with a person wearing an Optimus Prime costume.

:| ?

Today I dreamt that…

I miss snow. 

Today I dreamt that…

First, I was in some house.. sleeping. Then suddenly, while sleeping in the dream, I got a nightmare — tried to ‘shout’ but nothing would come out. It was the feeling of some external force wrapping around my upper torso, squeezing. For some weird reason, stretching my toes in and out just solved the solution. :| 

Secondly, a group of friends and I went to some deserty, oasisy, city area. It was kinda cool… but I pretty much forgot what happened. I just knew I brought a camera with the f2.8 lens of Pia. Then I woke up because of noise. Went back to sleep, and I had another dream where I had to bike uphill (haha I don’t know, but it reminded me of my Japan experience)

Not so interesting, but yeah.

Today I dreamt…

My father had a condition. He explained that he completely loses his memories in every 11 years. But, for some strange reason, the only cure to that illness was to hang on to his iPad; it keeps him from forgetting because many “memories” are stored there. (I don’t know haha)

Likewise, I had that condition too, but instead of an iPad, mine was an iPhone.

I don’t know hahaha; doesn’t make sense. Look what Apple has doneeeee.

P.S. I haven’t been posting much because (1) some dreams weren’t really interesting or (2) I forget them when I wake up

Today I dreamt…

#1 I was in a room of friends. One friend fell asleep and I was expecting that person to have a nightmare. And so he did. Him lying down in bed, he got up and bit my arm :|.. which wasn’t that painful and I tried to wake him up. But apparently, in real life I made some little pain noises that woke my sister up, who woke me up after and said that I was having a nightmare. I actually heard myself making the pain noise. Strangely, to me, it was not of a nightmare-worthy level. It just felt like an ordinary odd dream— nothing scary. But, when I woke up, my body was shivering. Haha. But really, that wasn’t so scary.

A nightmare of someone having a nightmare???

#2 I had English class for my summer class and I didn’t know that I enlisted to a particular teacher…. I only found out during class that it was her. The one who gave me a low low low low grade in En12. I was panicking that she was my teacher once again; never do I want her as a teacher.
Also, randomly, lots of people were wearing pajamas, including me. Haha. 

Today I dreamt..

It was a Friday—knowing that the next day before I slept was the said day.

I was in a car, with my friends. One friend decided to play some Japanese music with his phone out loud. After a few seconds, another friend played a club music. With disapproval and with a stupid idea, wanting to make my friends go “ewww,” I … wanted to play “Friday” because I wanted to connect it with the day today (in the dream) :|

Before I could push the play, my mom woke me up in real life. I wondered what would have happened… if my friends (in the dream) would have looked at me with the disappointing and “ew” face.